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Catalyst Machineworks 7" BangGod Cinematic/Freestyle FPV Build Part 1 - Frame Assembly

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Topic starter (TE) is proud to present Part 1 in a Cinematic/Freestyle FPV build video series built on the 7″ BangGod frame from Catalyst Machineworks. All build selections were made following extensive research, all parts were purchased personally with no influence by sponsors. Our comments and feedback are TE's opinion alone. As you continue through this series, we welcome your feedback and experience based on our selection of components.

You can follow the build by video on Cinematic Long Range FPV Build Part 1

or you can follow the build in our Blog Cinematic Long Range FPV Build Part 1

We hope you enjoy this part in the series and welcome you back soon to review the other episodes in this build series.  Thank you for your interest and happy flying…

Very Respectfully,