Derived from a Programming reference regarding syntax errors and their handling, ThrownException was born from the premise that “Exceptional” challenges can be thrown at anyone leaving us seeking creative handling methods to achieve effective solutions to common problems. ThrownException seeks to create an environment to socialize those questions and solutions to foster creativity that can take an idea beyond our intent. We welcome you to that journey.

“First do it, then do it right, then do it better.“ 

Addy Osmani


Enamored by the Information Technology field starting as far back as 1980. My hobbies and career have remained forever aligned to the sector. Spending the past 33 years working for the military I have served in every major conflict aside from the Iraqi War. Throughout that duration my hunger for knowledge and the ability to leverage technology and that insight to be more effective and efficient has been a key goal. Much of that knowledge was gleaned on the backs of those who like me wrestled to become more proficient in their field. Committing myself to the vision of ThrownException is simply my tool for paying it forward.

Serving in Afghanistan
Army Warrant Officer

Navy Senior Chief